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Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let me guide you. Take a look at the list of my services below, and contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

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Billing Only

Claims are already coded by the client. We enter the claims information into the billing software and monitor each claim through the rev cycle process ensuring max and timely payment. 

Pricing: 5% of generated revenue


Abstract Coding Only

Only abstract coding is required and billing services including follow up are not needed

$4 per chart

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Abstract Coding & Billing

Abstract coding from the medical chart is performed following CMS guidelines and/or payor specific guidelines. Our billing only service is included in this option..

Pricing: 5% of generated revenue + $4 per chart

Implementation Planning

Denials Follow- Up

We troubleshoot denied claims and fix the error to generate max revenue prior to timely filing. Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial payors are included.

Pricing: 5% of generated revenue


Coding Tutor

Did you take the CPC exam, but didn't get your desired score? Let's review the problem areas to improve your score on your retake.

Cpc tutoring services available now. Tutoring services for CIC, COC, and CCS are pending

I focus more on customer understanding vs the time it takes to understand. The hour limit is an approximation

The first session is free using code FREETRIAL at checkout

Pricing: $25 an hour

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We audit claims and provide feedback and training as needed to ensure compliance and max revenue. Prospective and retrospective audits are offered


Prospective Auditing $4 a chart.

Retrospective auditing $7 per chart.  10 charts per provider. All eob's and all corrected claims will be needed.

If error rate exceeds 5% additional charts will be requested to review the full sample. 90% confidence and 25% precision is recommended. $2 per additional chart

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